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Assessments and Evaluations

Idaho Misdemeanor Criminal Rule 9.4 DUI Evaluation - $200.00 - 

        This evaluation is pursuant to the Idaho code approved by the Idaho Supreme Court. This evaluation includes all the components  set forth in Idaho Code Section 18-8005(11) and and meets all requirements for DUI evaluations for Idaho courts. During this evaluation we preform a bio-psycho-social substance use evaluation and additionally use the assessment tools approved under the Idaho code. 

Bio-Psycho-Social Substance Use Evaluation - $200.00

        This evaluation includes discussion about different life areas including substance use, substance use history, family, financial, legal, and social circumstances and possible needs. We use our professional experience and evidence based assessment tools to provide recommendations regarding a clients current level of use and needs.

If you need your evaluation in three days or less from the time it is scheduled, the cost is $250.00

GAIN Assessment - $400.00

        This is a comprehensive, standardized assessment tool that can be used to assess substance use and possible further assessment needs in an individual.


Call to schedule an appointment. If you are unsure which assessment fits your situation we are happy to explain the options and different purposes they serve.