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Tides Treatment provides several different options when it comes to groups and classes. We can accommodate and help you complete the program most appropriate for your situation. Whether you are under court supervision or a private client we are able to help guide you to the groups, classes and individual sessions that will best fit your assessed needs and personal life circumstances.  We have daytime and evening groups available.

The groups and classes we offer are a combination of our many years of experience working with clients and evidence based programs and research. Each program is based on the clients recommended Level of Care. Gender specific groups and coed groups available.

Substance Abuse Education

Relapse Prevention Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Theory

Anger Management

Marijuana Relapse Prevention

Cognitive Self Change

Mindfulness Sessions


ASAM Level .5, Level 1 and Level 2.1 Programs

Programs are available for adults and adolescents. 

Program pricing is based on treatment level and services provided. Please call to receive information on pricing as it depends on your individual needs.

ASAM Level 0.5 Early Intervention - These services can be delivered in a variety of settings and are designed to explore and address problems or risk factors that are related to substance use (but may not represent a diagnose-able disorder) and to help the individual identify the harmful consequences related to substance use and connected thinking and beliefs. 

ASAM Level 1 Outpatient Services - At this Level of Care the client has experienced either more severe or frequent negative consequences related to substance use and/or need additional support in identifying harmful thought patterns, belief systems and behaviors. The development and implementation of beliefs, thoughts and behaviors related to a overall well-being are guided through groups and individual sessions.

ASAM Level 2.1 Intensive Outpatient Services - This level of care requires more frequent contacts per week in order to support relapse prevention and the implementation of new beliefs, thoughts and behaviors related to abstinence and overall well-being. 

We offer combinations of one or more groups as well as individual sessions in order to create a individualized service plan for each client that fits their assessed level of care.